Product range

Product range

Natural Graphite

Our wide variety of raw material sources and broad range of production and refinement options allow us to produce a large array of natural graphite in specific grain sizes, from course flakes to ultra-fine powders. We are able to manufacture graphite products with a purity of up to 99.99 %.

Our range of natural graphite products is supplemented by an extensive choice of synthetic graphite products. Vein graphite, which is only mined in Sri Lanka, is another specialty of our product range. The needle-shaped particle structure and unique crystallinity of this graphite makes it the first choice for outstanding conductivity properties.

Expandable graphite

Expandable graphite is mainly used to provide flame-retardant properties in plastics. Our product range offers a wide variety to suit various end applications.

Graphite Dispersions

Our flexibility is also evident in the field of graphite dispersions. We produce both graphite dispersions and powder premixes that can be dispersed at the customer's site.

Formed Graphite Parts

We produce formed graphite parts specifically tailored to our customer's requirements.